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On the façade, the portal with a semicircular arch with voussoirs and the family coat of arms stand out. The windows are all structured with stone ashlar lintels and jambs, in the Gothic style, formed by a monolithic lintel, mostly a work of the 16th century.
Attached to the left side and rear sector of the old house is a later construction with an irregular structure, which in some cases externally covers old structures and in others creates spaces that are currently useless, such as the parade ground.
This architectural complex has a chapel located on the right side of the tower. This chapel dating from the year 1612 is crowned with a bell and two small turrets covered with a four-pitched roof, one on each side of the roof. The facade is formed by a small rose window with leaded stained glass windows and the Gothic portal with moldings on the lintel and jambs. On both sides of the door there are two rectangular windows at half height.
The oldest part of this property corresponds to the tower on the southeast corner, which partly dates from the 10th century. The other elements of the house are from the 15th, 17th and 20th centuries. At the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th, a central body was incorporated into the tower. Subsequent constructions have been carried out over the centuries but its authentic style remains intact.
Other auxiliary constructions that have been built over time are also part of the complex, such as a swimming pool and a leisure area with barbecue and gym, as well as an old farm.
The condition of the mansion is excellent and it has noble original stone and masonry materials as well as carpentry and wooden floors in excellent condition, as well as a perfectly maintained roof and without any type of pathology, thanks to its constant maintenance by of their owners.
There is the possibility of purchasing adjacent land ideal for expanding the buildings, in case you want to develop a business in the hospitality sector or for residential use.

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